We bring sustainable performance solutions to engage people,

Doug J. Fine

Employee Engagement Expert & Executive Engagement Coach

Need Help Engaging Your Team? 

Engagement, leadership, organization development, training, and human resources solutions that honor peoples’ strengths and personal purpose.
This fosters team bonds that bring great things for customers in terms of products, service, support and partnership. 

Why D.FINED Performance Solutions?

Skilled Experience. Focused on engaging everyone to build a strong, healthy, performance-driven culture of excellence that honors and encourages the best in people.
Organizations that don’t put their people first end up being last.
Excellence is the only option to succeed as an organization and keep customers.
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We partner with clients who are willing to make a reasonable and necessary investment in the things that will build or renew the passion, purpose, engagement, and accomplishments that will set their business apart from others.
All companies can benefit from targeted initiatives to develop leaders, train their people in necessary skills and competencies (both professional and personal), improve culture through support through progressive and research-based organizational development, and healthy and empowering people-first HR practices, policies, and ongoing support for employee satisfaction, engagement, and development.