Doug was a guest speaker in my HR class a number of times at the University of New Orleans.  He was always stimulating, provocative, and challenged my students to think different and be different in their HR careers. His experience and his practice as an OD and HR professional will make him a dynamic support to any organization seeking to become or remain excellent and successful. Doug was also instrumental in partnering with UNO to design and provide executive education to the physicians at his organization.  We pulled off quite a  feat to bring physicians leaders new knowledge and information about contemporary health care management practices. It wouldn't have happened without Doug.

Stephen Crow, Ph.D. 

Professor of Management, University of New Orleans


As a Founder of a non-profit organization, I am grateful for Doug's leadership.  He facilitated a unique process to bring to light what mattered most to each board and staff member.   Because of his time and input as our consultant our mission has been put into action one step at a time.   

Director of Development The Lydia Project
Headquarters:  Augusta, GA



Doug Fine has a natural talent for training.  He has an enthusiastic manner that is contagious, a professional easy style and wry wit that will engage even the most critical student.  When asked to provide training Doug will go the extra mile to know the subject. He does his homework. Beyond his training skills, Doug’s engaging style and professionalism can work for you. Doug is truly a people person.  Those qualities that work in the classroom enable Doug to work with people on many levels, in many arenas.  Doug is a knowledgeable leader who understands today’s challenges and has the proven ability to put his experience to use. He is a leader on whom you can depend.  I’ve had the privilege to work with Doug and without a doubt, he is an energetic, knowledgeable professional. I heartily recommend Doug, and hope to have an opportunity to work with him again.

HR Director, Former Colleague


Doug’s unique ability to deliver management and leadership programs to an audience at all levels is his strongest attribute.  From line leaders to corporate professionals, Doug delivers training with real time cutting edge techniques.   His charismatic personality quickly spreads throughout the area, allowing for an excellent learning environment.  He justly has the admiration and respect from those that benefit from his consultancy services.  


Academic Medical Center    



Doug Fine knows what it takes to encourage, empower, and develop leaders in dynamic, complex, corporate environments.  His genuine desire to help leaders build teams upon good leadership principles and practices was crucial in my early career growth and development as a leader.  His unorthodox leadership thinking and willingness to embrace non-traditional approaches to organizational development helped to create a safe environment for me to dream big, believe big, and make big things happen with my teams! 

Gary J. Borgstede, President and Founder
The Make It Happen Learning Institute
Reaching People, Unleashing The Extraordinary! ®


I have taught with Doug on many occasions, and find him to be an excellent trainer.  His knowledge of management and leadership training coupled with his infinite sense of creativity make each session unique, enjoyable, and useful. He provides training with teeth in it. 

Thayer McGahee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
University of South Carolina, Aiken 

I have worked with a wide range of clients to develop and train them and to support their efforts to improve their work groups and organizations. Most clients have been internal to the organizations that employed me. I asked some of these colleagues to contribute a short testimonial to this page. Gain an appreciation for the work I have done as well as the person within and the values that motivate my professional activities.   ​


I had the distinct pleasure of being on the receiving end of Doug’s management classes at an academic medical center. The class was an 8 week intensive for clinical and non clinical managers. Doug’s ability to keep the information fresh, to keep the class engaged and to actually deliver on the promise of value was unparalleled.  He just does a great job.

Paige Joyner, Senior Security Consultant 

My department and I had the privilege  to work with Doug over a span of 5 years. He is a trustworthy, respectable leader who is not afraid at delivering a the “correct” message at the “correct” time. He is phenomenal at organizing and leading transformational change workshops for all levels of the organization. Doug also understands the importance of taking care of the employee at all levels, ranging from providing the cutting edge tools to excel in their position to direct personal support. Doug is an expert in a field of experts. I look forward to working with Doug again in the future.  


Vice-President, Academic Medical Center

Pressure inside today’s competitive world of work often leads individuals in leadership positions to make decisions that are seemingly promising for the profit margin, though, in reality, they are disastrous to the human capital of their companies. There is always a price attached to this lack of balance.  Doug Fine’s work is permeated with the understanding that to attend to the welfare of employees is to maximize the potential of any company’s success. Strategies devoid of this win-win relationship are bound for a short shelf-life.  Effective Organizational Development utilizes both the template of theory and the wisdom of experience. Doug Fine comes equipped to deliver both.


C. Molina, Organization Development Specialist and Former Colleague    

As an Administrative Director in healthcare, I have had the opportunity to evaluate Doug's teaching skills in the broader professional community.  He is an outstanding facilitator and possesses very strong communication skills.  He constantly seeks out new information to add to his already broad knowledge base in management training and team building.  He is knowledgeable, engaging and a polished consultant.  Perhaps the highest recommendation I could offer is to state that were the circumstances to arise, I would be most enthusiastic about having Doug as a consultant at any management training  and team building programs.   


Linda, Hospital Administrative Director

Doug has the outstanding ability to be able to connect with managers in developing stronger leaders. I have attended multiple leadership courses, and Doug is by far the best at facilitating organizational development projects and management courses. He has the knowledge and experience to guide leaders through real life type situations which has influenced my own management approach in developing better leadership skills in managing a large and dynamically changing department.


Perioperative Nurse Manager 

Academic Medical Center

Doug's ability to deliver straightforward, no nonsense management training is just what the doctor ordered given the heightened challenges and issues facing health care managers today.


Hospital Compensation and Benefits Director 

Doug has a wonderful way of taking very complex problems, sorting them out and getting consensus on the best solution. He has been instrumental in developing a young leadership team into a cohesive group that manage stressful situations on a daily basis.


Clinical Director 

Academic Medical Center

Doug Fine is not only a passionate and creative training professional, he believes in the success of people impacting the change of your business and/or your organization.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity of having Doug connect your employees to the mission and vision of your organization.  Doug knows how to bridge the gap between people and the company, and his great communication and listening skills are an added value.  Give Doug Fine a call TODAY!


Constance Y. Hammond


FOCUS Employment Solutions

Doug Fine's training programs are fun and very effective. Not only does my staff feel more motivated and positive, but managers' insights and ideas improve as well. They've returned to work ready to tackle problems rather than ignore them and work together in teams. His leadership skills are astonishing, and he molds very successful leaders. He is definitely a role model of a role model!


Manager, Call Center

Academic Medical Center

Doug Fine is the absolute best.  He provided me with tremendous support and helped me develop and build my skills as a training professional. I owe much of my success to his great leadership. With his innovative and engaging training style he was able to help improve job performance, enhance the quality of the work environment and foster the personal growth and development of our hospital staff.  Everyone is always satisfied with the results because Doug does a wonderful job of providing hands-on experiential learning that goes far beyond basic classroom training.  


Senior Trainer, Academic Medical Center