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Doug J. Fine regularly appears on and hosts podcasts on a variety of human-centered topics, sharing his professional and personal experiences.

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A Brief Chat With Author

Devin Halliday

Devin Halliday is Chief Belonging Architect and Founder of Rudiment Solutions, a full-service consulting firm with deep expertise in building strong, sustainable business cultures. He authored the book BELONGING FACTOR: How Great Brands and Great Leaders Inspire Loyalty, Build Community, and Grow Profits.

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A Chat With Shane Metcalf, Chief Culture Officer at 15Five

Doug Fine and Shane Metcalf are both in San Francisco and go a little deeper during this interview. Shane is a Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer of 15Five, a continuous performance management software platform for companies with knowledge workers. 15Five makes continuous employee feedback simple to drive high performing cultures. Shane discusses his background and operating philosophies and practices that help 15Five's clients and makes their own workplace and culture extraordinary. How many companies in the world would pay for a ticket to Burning Man for their people? I would venture, only one. 15Five did that. Come to our interview with an open and receptive mind and I think you will really enjoy this interview. You will see the mindset that this young entrepreneur has and how he manifests it in his life and in his business.


D.FINED Engagement Podcast "Extra with Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen and I share a free-wheeling time touching on all kinds of topics relating to what we both do and some things about what we know. It's a deeper conversation. Jason is a pro and someone that adds lots of value to his clients. You can just tell. And his advice for people like me: "Keep going." Sage advice indeed.

Featured Bookcasts

After decades of learning from the insights of others, Doug connects you to some of the most influential and inspirational authors who share their expertise with you.

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D.FINED Engagement BookCast with the great

Tom Peters

Tom Peters - WATCH

This is a conversation that I would have never dreamed possible. I got to spend some time with the great Tom Peters, one-on-one speaking about things and ideas and experiences that he and I are passionate about when it comes to leadership, workplace culture and environment, and other stuff too. He was gracious and kind and generous with his time. That’s who he is. In the beginning of this BookCast I introduce Tom Peters and I share the influence his books and thinking have had on my own work and how I attempted to make a positive humanistic difference at every place that I worked and everything I did. When I read Tom Peters he would inspire me to, in some ways, throw caution to the wind and try new things to make things happen in perhaps unconventional ways. Speaking with a true business hero of mine was such a treat. I hope that you will enjoy our chat and, most important, begin to learn from Tom Peters via his books, his training, and the amazing resources that he provides on his website. Thank you Mr. Peters for this once-in-a-lifetime privilege. Find all of his books on Amazon. Find more at www.tompeters.com

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D.FINED Engagement BookCast with

Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann authored "Betting on You: How To Put Yourself First And (Finally) Take Control Of Your Career."

The fundamental premise of "Betting On You" is fixing yourself before you can do anything effective about fixing your work life or work in general. Hers is an action-oriented book which requires doing things rather than merely thinking about things.

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D.FINED Engagement BookCast with Tracy Maylett

In this BookCast Tracy and Doug Fine talk in depth about his two books. Discussing Engagement MAGIC, Tracy disputes the myth of awful employee engagement in today's workplaces. It's not as dire as you might hear about. Actually, Tracy's data show engagement to be stratified in to 4 levels. But common understanding claims that a mere 25-30 are fully engaged in their jobs and the rest are disengaged. Tracy explains how a simple look at work groups will dispel any notion that 70% of the country are disengaged at their work. We also discuss other important aspects of engagement: That it is a 50-50 proposition, that there is a data-driven model that, when understood, can help leaders and their teams better understand and participate in working towards their own engagement - it's the MAGIC model and you will come to understand the role it plays in organizations that want to amp up engagement. Speaking about Tracy's 2nd Book, The Employee Experience, he shares that most organizations are looking in the wrong place to improve their customers' experience. The main thing that brings about a great customer experience, is designing the best employee experiences across the board in everything that occurs. Delighted customers come from delighted and nurtured employees. There is a connection with the MAGIC Model here too. Highly engaged employees will have the best Employee Experience. We unpack a lot in this BookCast and we think it can help in meeting your employee engagement, employee experience, and customer experience goals and objectives. Tracy is the CEO of DecisionWise and has over 25 years of consulting experience and organizational measurement and improvement activities world-wide. You can find out more about Tracy and his company and work here: LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/tracymaylett decision-wise.com (Company Website) Employee-X.com (Company Website) engagementmagic.com (Company Website) Twitter: @TracyMaylett