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Learn how to stimulate five-star performance with research-proven competencies that hardwire your culture for personal ownership, original thinking,and laser-like customer-focus.

During This Live Demonstration, You’ll Discover:

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The necessary competencies for leaders and team members to dedicate their hearts, spirits, minds and hands to the mission of your organization. 
The five research-proven ingredients for leaders and teams that brings a culture transformation which will put your company on a positive path with new purpose, productivity, and pride.   
This is a live demo designed to grow your understanding of a research-based model for engagement that will bring differentiation and a key competitive advantage to your company. There is nothing to buy and there will be no replays.

Meet the Host

Doug Fine has over 30 years of leadership development, training, and human resources experience.

He has led training and learning sessions

in hundreds of settings with hundreds of audiences.


He specializes in, and has led large-scale

change initiatives for:

  - leader development

  - leader and employee engagement.

  - culture change


Before starting Defined Performance Solutions 

he held leadership positions at companies with

500 to 3500 employees.

Doug is an Independent Business Affiliate

of DecisionWise and makes his home

in Augusta, Georgia. 

He also served as a U.S. naval officer. 



Here's what past clients have said:

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Nurse Manager

"Doug connects with his audience. He creates a welcoming environment that fosters diverse opinions and leads people and teams to action.

Doug's education, life experiences, and vivid personality

supported me in building a team that made a tremendous difference in the life of our patients." 

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Clinical Practice Site Coordinator

"Organizations that expect excellence in management must establish the system components necessary to support moving forward. Doug possesses the leadership and knowledge to find the missing components and link them so that the entire system enables people to achieve their goals.”

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Surgery Nurse Manager

"Doug has an outstanding ability to connect with leaders and develop them… best at facilitating OD projects and management courses… influenced my approach and improved my skills to lead a large and dynamically changing team.”



Ready to amp-up your organization's leader and employee engagement through research-proven competencies that bring immediate change?