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I'm really happy we're going to speak!

Doug Fine

Hi there and welcome.

Because you're here, it's likely that you've booked to meet me so I invite you to check out the ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training options below. 


That way, you'll be up to speed with your options, if we agree that ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training is a fit for your needs.


So let's meet to allow me to confirm that what I have is a fit for your needs and that we both believe we can work together.

So here is the pricing structure for providing ENGAGEMENT MAGIC Training on-site:

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And if you want to know more about what makes ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training unique, here are eight reasons that our clients tell us why my training is their #1 choice when it comes to hardwiring personal ownership, original thinking, and a customer-focus into their businesses.  


Those I train will have my personal investment and support. You’ll be given personal contact info so that employees and leaders can reach me for personal feedback and coaching. This support lasts for a full 30-days after the ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training.



Today there is an avalanche of confusing and contradictory advice and rash “solutions” to improve employee engagement. You see it almost every day coming from all corners. ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® is evidence-based and shows engagement to be a competency to be learned, practiced, and improved.  Post-training you begin to hold individuals, teams, and leaders accountable for their engagement. ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® will never be your “flavor of the month.”

It has staying power and sparks sustained transforming results. (Source: DecisionWise)


You might have been told that culture change is a long-term proposition.  But nobody can wait the 5-6 years it supposedly takes. Workshop attendees are challenged to act immediately to address their personal engagement. The combined power of immediate individual choices to apply engagement competencies generates a forceful momentum for rapid personal and cultural change. Managers will quickly deploy the ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® framework to assess and support their teams’ engagement competencies in their daily work. Renewal becomes embedded and sustained by regular practice and deeper understanding of the engagement competencies. 


The MAGIC® model is understood quickly and intuitively since its foundations are the psychology and science of human motivation, individual agency, and modern human-centered leadership theory. No one needs a master’s degree to “get” engagement. It’s not complicated. Simple and understandable concepts uphold the model. The shared knowledge and practice of the engagement competencies enliven both people and organizations.


The process starts with a personalized engagement assessment for everyone - including strengths and growth opportunities. The assessment also measures each person’s overall level of engagement in their current job. ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® TRAINING starts right where people are.



Count on improved net income, growth in profitability, and keeping your best people! Call a cease-fire in the “war for talent” because higher retention of great performers becomes the norm. They stay because you are investing in their engagement. Collaborative, productive, and innovative partnerships begin to markedly affect people and the workplace. People stop dreading work, management uses a proven approach to leading others, and people stop looking for greener grass. New and better ideas and positive energy start bearing good fruit for everyone. 


Both the company and employees are equally and fully responsible for engagement. Leaders and team members have a common understanding of engagement competencies and regularly include them in current assignments and work projects. These days companies spend billions on “engagement programs and activities” with little evidence of return. They mistakenly think that they are solely responsible for the engagement of their people. After ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training, employees and managers will finally be on the same page with each other about what works at work.


There is mounting evidence that a coaching leadership-style gets the best performance from people. Leaders at all levels are responsible for their own engagement and the engagement of their team. The ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® model can be used in regular coaching sessions, performance improvement discussions, and included in performance management processes. Engagement is a competency that can be learned, practiced, taught, measured, and even expected of leaders and team members.

I think that’s about it!  

The above reasons are solid, specific and differentiated to the point where you will very likely and quite rightly believe that there is simply no better choice, other than ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® Training for embedding research-proven competencies that hard wire personal ownership, original thinking, and a customer-focus into your business culture .  

Your Honor, I rest my case.  

I really look forward to our upcoming meeting and I will be able to answer any questions that you bring with you.

Talk with you soon!

Doug Fine